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Facebook alone has saved more than $2 billion in energy

We launched the Open Compute Project four years ago with a belief that an open source and collaborative approach to designing hardware and data centers will create better and more efficient technology to power the internet for billions of people every day.


Thanks to Open Compute and other efficiency work, Facebook alone has saved more than $2 billion in energy and infrastructure we would have otherwise consumed. This is good for the environment and good for delivering faster services for our community.

We want to build a world where everyone can connect, where our internet’s infrastructure is open, where our computing tools are intelligent and where we have the power to share any experience or idea instantaneously. This vision guides our research in areas like, Open Compute, Facebook AI Research and Oculus VR.

Today, thousands of people are coming together at the Open Compute Summit in San Jose to share new data center technologies. We shared designs for a new type of server that dramatically increases speed and lowers the cost of serving large amount of data traffic, a network switch that provides faster and better control of networks, and software that provides greater flexibility and control over server management.

A great example is our newest data center in Altoona, Iowa, shown here. This is one of the most efficient data centers in the world, and it uses the latest Open Compute technology.

You can learn more about the Open Compute Project

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